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Facial Recognition: Should Permission be Required?

Plans to draw up guidelines for how firms use facial recognition technology have fallen apart after civil liberties groups withdrew from talks. They say businesses aren't making a serious offer at an acceptable compromise. Businesses and consumer ... groups have been taking part in facial recognition guideline talks since early last year. They've been organized by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a government agency. The idea behind the talks was to avoid the need to draw up and implement legislation, something that could be politically tricky. The ... (view more)

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USA, Russia Join Forces in the Fight Against Cyber Crime

In the past, Russia and America were rivals. But now, it appears that that two are joining forces to fight a common foe, with hopes of tightening Internet security for the near and distant future. Insiders are calling the talks a new-age Geneva, ... akin to the nuclear arms discussions of an older generation. The purpose of these new meetings is to reduce the number of hacker attacks on major institutions, including government agencies, banks, businesses, and the military. According to reports, it's believed a common policy on cyber security will help reduce the number of these attacks, some of ... (view more)

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EU-Microsoft Talks Tackle Antitrust Issues

Microsoft is reportedly in talks with the European Union to settle a dispute over the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows. It's a last ditch effort to stave off harsh disciplinary action from regulators. The talks are also said to involve ... complaints made in January 2008 that Microsoft hasn't shared enough technical details to allow rival firms to produce software compatible with Office components such as Word and Excel. (Source: ) The discussion appears designed to not only find a negotiated resolution before the EU resorts to imposing penalties, but also to allow the ... (view more)

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