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Smarter Data Handling Could Make Net Faster

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say they've developed a system that could help speed up the Internet. The research is designed to find an alternative to the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) system. TCP is the set of ... rules that govern the way data moves around the Internet. Whenever data travels online, it's broken down into small chunks known as 'packets' (in effect, info packets!). Often, these packets take different routes around the various connections that make up the net, then get reassembled at their destination. Net Currently Favors Accuracy Over Speed ... (view more)

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'TCP Spy .Net Professional', and 'JavaRA 1.16 Beta'

TCP Spy .Net Professional When TCP Spy's Start button is pressed, it will capture and display information that is being sent over your network (based on TCP socket calls). It will also capture and display the data that is sent and received ... on the application's sockets. The application can be of any type. This program is particularly useful if you think your PC is infected with spyware, for example, and is attempting to "call home". JavaRA 1.16 Beta JavaRa is a simple tool that does a simple job: it removes old and redundant versions of the ... (view more)

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'Second Shell', and 'TCP Optimizer'

SecondShell SecondShell is a handy shell enhancement that offers several features to easily manage the size and position of opened window. Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly extend a window horizontally or vertically without maximizing it over your ... entire desktop or minimize a window by simply right-clicking on the title bar. You can also freely move or resize windows by holding down the ALT key and click-dragging your mouse anywhere within the window (no need to grab the edges or title bar). Works with XP, Vista, Win7. TCP Optimizer The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy ... (view more)

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