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Fake Tech Support Scam Gets New Twist

A newly-publicized take on a long-running scam involves on-screen messages that falsely appear to be from a user's Internet service provider. It's a trick with a variety of ways to profit from the customer. For many years, scammers have been calling ... people on the telephone claiming to work for Microsoft or other computer companies, saying the person receiving the call has a virus. The scammer will then usually try to get the victim to pay for bogus tech support services. While most people realize it's a scam, the idea is to call enough people so that even a small percentage of ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Your Firewall has Been Breached, Call This Number (Scam)

Infopackets Reader Robert C. writes: " Dear Dennis, The other day I received a warning that 'Your Avast! Firewall has been breached and a Trojan Horse is infecting your computer. Call 1-888-698-3247.' I'm a computer novice and I panicked. The ... warning seemed to appear as part of the operating system, and not the browser. I say this because the warning appeared on the screen, with a voice screaming at me, and I had no idea how to stop it. I held down the power button to force the computer to shut down. I waited three minutes, then powered back up ... but it went right back to the warning and ... (view more)

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MS Uses Twitter, Action Center to Resolve Win7 Issues Fast

A large part of the reason Microsoft's Windows 7 promises to be successful is because it won't be all that long before support for the very popular Windows XP ends -- somewhere around 2-3 years from now. So, how good is support for Windows 7 today? ... Microsoft recently took the opportunity to announce some of the best features behind its Windows 7 troubleshooting apparatus. It starts with something called "Action Center," the Redmond-based firm's new technical support system. According to Microsoft general manager of product quality and online support Lori Bronwell, Action Center includes over ... (view more)

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Unlimited Bandwidth Shopping for a New Web Host and Server

Have you ever wondered where you are connected to when you're visiting a web site? Believe it or not, every web site in cyberspace resides on a computer which is physically located somewhere in the world. Each server is "hosted" by a company which ... dictates the configuration of each server, such as: how many web sites reside on each web server, server-to-Internet connection speed, how much information can be transferred per site per month (also known as bandwidth limitations), and the like. Different web-hosting packages are offered by different web-hosting companies and define the ... (view more)


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