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MS Confirms: Latest Win10 Update Wipes out MS Word

Microsoft has confirmed the latest Windows 10 update has messed up Word 2016 for some users. Fixing the mistake is possible but somewhat complicated. The problem comes with the latest cumulative update to the system, known as Windows 10 Cumulative ... Update KB3124200, released December 17, 2015. The component update that's causing the problem accidentally renames a file during the update, which then causes macros, autotext entries, and styles to no longer load. Autocomplete Among The Messed-Up Features The file in question (normal.dotm) stores all the template information for Microsoft Word 2016 ... (view more)

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Use the Organizer to Manage your Macros in MS Word

Macros that you have created in MS Word are stored in modules and modules in turn, are stored either with a document or a template. The Organizer in MS Word is a very handy tool. As you all know, I love to have everything organized and neat and tidy ... and this feature helps me to accomplish that. The Organizer can be used to rename, copy, or delete macros and modules from one document to another. Follow the steps below to learn how to manage your macros with the Organizer: Start the Organizer by clicking on Tools | Macro | Macros | Organizer. You should have the Macro Project Items tab visible ... (view more)

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Change the Slide Color Scheme: MS PowerPoint

One way to alter the look of your visual aids in an MS PowerPoint 2000 presentation is to change the color scheme. The color scheme determines what colors are assigned to eight specific slide characteristics (such as fonts, backgrounds and bullets). ... Each template, even the blank presentation, comes with a set of color schemes -- the default that materializes as soon as you apply it plus several others. These predefined schemes have been specially selected to include colors that not only look good together, but that also supply a sense of balance. Still, you can choose to modify the existing ... (view more)

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Creating Templates: Outlook 2003

Ever get tired of sending out the same old e-mail to everyone in your department every month? Well do I have a cool tip for you! In Outlook 2003 you can create an e-mail message and save it as a template so that you can use it over and over again. ... If you use Word as your e-mail editor, you will have to disable that option. To do this, select Tools | Options and select the Mail Format tab. De-select the Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages, then click apply and OK. From the Outlook menu, select File | New, Mail Message. Complete the Subject portion of the message and type any desired text ... (view more)

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