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Chrome Browser Theme 'Free Movie' Offer is a Scam

A series of Google Chrome browser 'tools' that claims to offer free movies is the first part of a convoluted credit card scam. The people behind it seem to be playing the numbers game. The tools are distributed via the Chrome Web Store. They aren't ... the usual apps (which run independently) or extensions (which add extra functionality to the Chrome Browser), but rather themes. The idea is they change the appearance of the browser in a similar way to the early 2000s craze for installing custom-made desktop wallpaper. While a browser theme shouldn't be anything but purely decorative, the ones in ... (view more)

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'Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7', and 'SMPlayer 0.6.9'

Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 Are you having lots of fun with 2011's most addictive mobile video game, Angry Birds? Then try this brand new, free Angry Birds theme for Windows 7. Like other themes for the operating system, this one can be used ... only in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions. SMPlayer 0.6.9 SMPlayer is a complete, light-weight media player providing both basic features, like video playback, and more advanced features, like configurable subtitles. One of the most interesting reasons to install SMPlayer: it remembers the ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Holiday Lights Theme', and 'Top Process Monitor 3.5'

Microsoft Holiday Lights Theme Brighten up your desktop with sparkling images of holiday celebrations and winter wonders with this free Windows 7 theme. [Note: Windows 7 themes can be used only in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or ... Ultimate editions.] Click the blue "Download" button to start the download process. Top Process Monitor 3.5 Top Process Monitor is a simple Sidebar gadget that shows the top processes on your system, including those processes that are consuming the most CPU and memory. It does not require any third party applications ... (view more)

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Word Automatically Changes Font Size?

Recently a reader wrote to me with this problem: " When using MS Word the program at times changes font size while typing an article. Thanks for your consideration. " My reply: The one piece of information that would be very helpful with this ... inquiry is missing -- namely, which version of MS Word the reader is using. Generally speaking, MS Word will not change the size of your fonts in a document unless you specifically tell it to. If you are using version 2003 or earlier, it sounds to me like you could be using a style that has a different font size or you are copying and pasting text ... (view more)

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Windows Theme Software

Infopackets Reader Colette C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm running Windows XP Professional and would like to know where I can find some easy-to-understand information about how to install and uninstall Windows XP themes. I'm having trouble try to ... disable the sounds which play when Maximizing and Minimizing a window. What can you suggest? " Side note: A theme for Windows consists of sounds and pictures which encapsulate a subject (for example: sports, art, computers, etc). Events on the PC coincide with particular sound files, such as opening or closing a window, or perhaps shutting ... (view more)

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