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SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Review

Update 2012/01/16: : The 37% discount expires this coming Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 @ 11:59PM EST. Reserve your copy before the deadline and you'll also receive System Tweaker software as a free bonus! Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days or your ... money back. Details at the end of the review. Are you looking to speed up your computer, but are on a tight budget? Do you enjoy learning about computer hardware and how it interacts with software? If so, you'll find this software review highly informative. -- I get asked all the time, "Dennis, what can I do to make my PC faster?" The simple answer ... (view more)

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'Colorful Tabs', and 'Quick Thumbnail'

Colorful Tabs Colorful Tabs is an extension to color every Firefox tab in a different color in order to make them easy to distinguish, while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface. An essential if you're a Mozilla Firefox user. ... Quick Thumbnail Quick Thumbnail is the fastest way to resize your pictures and images. Choose an image file, select some resize options, and hit Resize It. Your image will be uploaded to the server, resized and then any or all of the resized images. Not only can you get simultaneous generation of different sizes, ... (view more)

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Can't view Thumbnails?

Infopackets Reader Al D. writes: " Dear Dennis, A little while back, I wrote to you about a problem I had not being able to view my thumbnail pictures when browsing my video files. Normally the thumbnail view provides a still photo for each file, so ... that I can preview and identify the proper video. At any rate: I have hundreds of video clips on my computer (mostly in .mpeg video format). Shortly after I installed Nero Vision Express 3 (a CD / DVD burning software program), I lost the ability to preview my thumbnails. Now when I use the thumbnail view, I get a standard Windows Media ... (view more)

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