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'Seadragon', and 'Win7 Security Compliance Toolkit'

Seadragon Seadragon a nifty online viewer designed for very large images. (from Microsoft Labs) is a free web service designed to view, zoom, pan-into, and share large images on the internet without degrading them or otherwise making ... them smaller. Win7 Security Compliance Toolkit From Microsoft: The Windows 7 Security Compliance Management Toolkit provides an end-to-end solution to help you plan, deploy, and monitor the security baselines of computers running Windows 7 and BitLocker Drive Encryption in your environment. Today ... (view more)

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'Forensic Toolkit', and 'Vision'

Forensic Toolkit The Forensic ToolKit contains several Win32 command line tools that can help you examine the files on a NTFS disk partition for unauthorized activity. This open source tool includes AFind, which lists files by their last access time ... without tampering the data the way that right-clicking on file properties in Explorer will. Vision Vision, a host-based Forensic Utility, is the GUI successor to the well-known freeware tool, Fport. This innovative new product from Foundstone shows all of the open TCP and UDP ports on a machine, displays the service that ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit For Windows Xp', and 'Free Undelete'

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit For Windows Xp Some nice tools: Windows Disk Protection - Protects the Windows partition (typically drive C) that contains the Windows operating system and other programs from being modified without administrator ... approval. Disk changes made are cleared with each restart unless the administrator chooses to save them. User Restrictions - Restricts user access to programs, settings, and Start menu items. The tool also allows you to lock shared local user profiles to prevent permanent changes. (This tool is specifically for use in workgroup environments that do ... (view more)

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'My Toolkit', and 'Actmon Process Monitoring'

My Toolkit Add or remove theme support to programs that do not have it. Set the desired priority to all running processes (also system ones). Replace in-use or system files. Actmon Process Monitoring ActMon Process ... Monitoring displays detailed information about all running processes. For each process, it improves on Windows Task Manager, providing file path, security risk rating, description, start time, file version information and icon. Avantrix Audio CD Maker More great software is just around the corner -- don't forget to ... (view more)

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