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How to Fix: VPN Disconnect While Torrenting (Exposes IP)

Infopackets Reader Antonio S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I use torrents to download files on the Internet. To hide my IP address while torrenting, I use a VPN service. The problem is that sometimes I lose connection to my VPN service, and then my ... torrent client exposes my IP address to the rest of the world. This is a big problem because I wish to remain anonymous when torrenting. Can you tell me if there is a way to stop the torrent when VPN disconnects ? " My response: I spent some time researching this issue. The best way to prevent your real IP from being seen if your VPN disconnects is to ... (view more)

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uTorrent: The Efficient Way to Download Large Files

Here are two questions Internet users commonly ask: " What is the best way to download very large files? ", and " What is the best way to distribute very large files? " The answer to both is a file transfer protocol called BitTorrent. A typical ... download is from a single website to your computer. BitTorrent allows you to connect to all the people currently downloading a large file, and get pieces of it from them. In other words, you are downloading from many places at once. This distributes the load so that no single computer is overloaded and it makes for very fast downloads. Most ... (view more)

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