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Insert a Total Row in MS Excel 2007

In your table. you can sum up your data and have it in a total row. You may wish to place your total row at the bottom of spreadsheet or anywhere within your spreadsheet really. Follow the steps below to learn how: Click anywhere in your table of ... data and this will open the Table Tools | Design tab. Click it and you will see check boxes in Table Style Options. Check Total Row to have it instantly added. Then click each cell I the total row to select a function such as SUM, AVERAGE, etc. from the drop-down menu. That's all there is to it! When you become a member at, you ... (view more)

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Add a total Row to your MS Access 2007 Access Table

Prior to Access version 2007, you could calculate totals of your data in query, report or form view. Now, Access 2007 lets you add a Total row field to your tables which seems to make a lot more sense doesn't it? Let's suppose you want to find out ... the average number of hours your employees worked per week in August. Follow the steps below to add a total row to the hours field column in your Employees database: Open your Employees database. In the Navigation pane, double-click the tale that records the hours worked for the month of August. Click the Hours field name in the open table. Click ... (view more)

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