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Staples Introduces New Windows 8 Trade-In Deal

Interested in trading in your iPad, Macbook, or older Windows device for a Windows 8-based computer? Then head on over to Staples, where the retailer is offering up to $400 for older Microsoft and Apple devices. Here's how the deal, which Staples ... calls "Trade up to touch," works: People who buy a Windows 8-equipped touch screen device -- including tablets, all-in-one PCs, or laptops -- from Staples can qualify to trade in an older computer and receive up to $400 off the purchase of their new Windows 8 device. Windows, Apple Devices Qualify for Trade-In Those interested in the deal will need ... (view more)

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Russia Agrees to Help US Fight Piracy: Report

For years the office of the United States Trade Representative, in addition to US-based copyright protection agencies like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), have insisted that ... Russia do more to protect American intellectual property (IP). Now, it appears the Russian government is finally prepared to work with the United States to help protect American IP. The new agreement, known as the "Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Action Plan," is connected to Russia's recent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trade ... (view more)

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Anti-Counterfeit Treaty 'Classified', Alarming

Details of the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) being negotiated across the globe are now labeled as a "properly classified" national security secret by the White House, in spite of a Freedom of Information Act request. ... (Source: ) Leaked Docs Suggest Massive Breach of Privacy Leaked documents posted on WikiLeaks suggest that the proposed trade accord would criminalize peer-to-peer file sharing, subject iPods to border searches, and allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to monitor customer communications. ACTA is a treaty (PDF) regarding ... (view more)

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