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Password Manager Proves Security Risk

Google has uncovered a major bug in a security software tool that could expose user passwords to hackers. Its the second time in a matter of weeks that Google's found problems with security software . On this occasion the problem is with the ... antivirus package from Trend Micro, specifically a Password Manager feature. This allows users to store passwords securely with a master security code; at the touch of a button, users can then have them the program automatically fill in passwords and logins on websites. According to Google's Tavis Ormandy, the feature is installed by default with ... (view more)

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Banking Malware Infections On the Rise, Study Shows

The number of malware infections targeting banking information has reached its highest level in more than a decade. A new report finds that there were more than 200,000 of these kinds of infections between July and September 2013. The report, which ... is called the Q3 2013 Security Roundup and comes from security firm Trend Micro, says that this three-month infection rate is the highest seen since 2002. U.S. Bears Brunt of Malware Attacks It's important to note that the infections are not uniformly distributed around the world. The United States, which comprised 23 per cent of new infections, ... (view more)

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Zeus Malware Making a Resurgence, Experts Warn

The feared Zeus Trojan is expected to make a comeback in the next six months. According to security research firm Trend Micro, many cybercriminals are returning to this form of malware as a tool for compromising website security. Zeus is by no means ... new. Its source code was originally spread across the world wide web more than two years ago, and since that time has been customized by cybercriminals. Popular variants of Zeus included 'Citadel' and 'GameOver'. Overall, Zeus (sometimes called Zbot) is one of the oldest forms of financial malware still being used by cybercriminals today. Zeus a ... (view more)

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Evernote Used to Deliver Malware: Report

Security firm Trend Micro says it has discovered a malicious software program that employs online notepad service Evernote as a communications tool. Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking software utility that allows users to place "notes, web clips, ... files and images ... on every device and computer." (Source: ) That means you can make a note about a recently-discovered favorite wine on your smartphone and have that note instantly show up on your home computer. Unfortunately, it seems this handy little program has been exploited by cyber-crooks. Evernote Used to Communicate with ... (view more)

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Hackers Intercept, Infect Hotmail Emails

A security firm reports that hackers have intercepted email messages from Hotmail user accounts after manipulating a bug found deeply rooted within Microsoft's website. While security officials admitted that victims needed to be logged into Hotmail ... for the attack to work, the virus was also found to affect those that had previewed the message for a short period of time before logging out. Attack Source: Cross-Site Scripting Flaw (XSS) The source of the attack was revealed to be a common web programming error called a cross-site scripting flaw . As security firm Trend Micro explained in a ... (view more)

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Recent Windows Update Arouses Security Controversy

A prominent security firm has taken a stand against Microsoft's decision to offer its free antivirus software, Microsoft Security Essentials , as part of its recent Windows Update. A member of Trend Micro's management team not long ago referred to ... the move as one "commercializing Windows Update". Last week Microsoft began offering U.S. Windows users its free antivirus program, Microsoft Security Essentials, through the Windows operating system's built-in update service. The offering works like this: if Windows detects that a user is not using any antivirus software, the option of upgrading to ... (view more)

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