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'Alvo', and 'Computer Virus Tutorial'

Alvo Alvo is a tiny stand alone DOS program that encrypts and decrypts any kind of file with a very safe and fast 'csprng' algorithm. Interested? Click the link and Alvo's makers explain the idea with step-by-step screen shots. If you're a math / ... stats / computer-science geek, you'll appreciate how the algorithm for Alvo came about via the main page . http://www.number.com.pt Computer Virus Tutorial 'Computer Virus Tutorial' is an informative tutorial on computer viruses that explains what a computer virus is, a history of computer viruses, discussion of protection from viruses, and mentions ... (view more)

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Tutorialicious: Online Tutorials Aggregator

If you've ever tried to learn some programming or Photoshop on your own, you know that you've spent many an hour googling what it is you're trying to do. But now comes tutorialicious, an online tutorial aggregator that groups together the best ... programming, design and Photoshop tutorials on the web. With tutorialicious, you can isolate just one type of tutorial category (e.g. AJAX) by clicking its link to filter the view, or you can view all of them grouped together. There is also a link to submit a tutorial, so if you know of any (or if you have written any!), you can contribute them to the ... (view more)

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Archiving eBook and Video Ultimate Guide

Tuesday's feature article of the Infopackets Gazette Newsletter made a very brief mention of a new downloadable eBook and Video Tutorial that I've been working on. The idea to create the tutorial was spawned from our recent newsletter discussions ... about archiving software. I've decided to take a time-out from my regular featured articles to announce that the Archiving eBook and Video Ultimate Guide is now complete. What did you say archiving was, exactly? From the eBook: " Typically, archival software is used to 'glue' multiple files together into a single, smaller file. As the files are ... (view more)

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