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Smartphone and PC Shipments Slump

The market for smartphones, tablets and PCs will shrink for a second straight year according to a newly-published forecast. The phone slump could mean the lowest number of units leaving manufacturers since 2009. Gartner, which produced the figures, ... says factors behind the trend include the economy, changing consumer behavior, and a lack of innovation. The forecast isn't for sales but rather shipments: that is, the number of devices which manufacturers send to retailers. It's affected by both recent sales and forecast for future sales. For example, shipments may drop if retailers have a ... (view more)

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Gartner Predicts PC Revival in 2015: Report

Market research firm Gartner says that Microsoft's Windows operating system (OS) will play a key role in reviving the struggling PC market in 2015. According to Gartner, Microsoft's termination of security support for Windows XP will be the key ... factor in that revival. There's no denying that the PC industry has been in a downward spiral for several years now. Back in April, one of Gartner's competitors, IDC, reported that quarterly PC shipments had fallen 4.4 per cent to 73.4 million. Businesses to Finally Ditch Windows XP, Gartner Predicts But Gartner says it now sees a light ... (view more)

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Microsoft's Kinect Helps Xbox 360 Surge in Sales

Just when it looked as though Sony's PlayStation 3 was getting ready to eclipse sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360, it appears the latter's controller-free peripheral, Kinect, has revived the flagging MS video game console. According to a recent report, ... January sales of the game system climbed 15 per cent over the same period last year. The findings come from industry analysts NPD Group, which note that about 8 million units of Kinect have now sold. In January 2011 alone Kinect helped ship 381,000 Xbox 360 units, a 15 per cent increase over January 2010. (Source: punchjump.com ) Kinect Popularity ... (view more)

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Gates Inadvertently Reveals Windows Vista's Dirty Secret

While in Las Vegas this past weekend, Gates boasted that Microsoft has served more than 100 million copies of Windows Vista since the OS was launched to consumers last January. At first 100 million sounds impressive, but in fact it indicates that ... Microsoft's once dominant grip on the operating system is loosening. Based on what Gates said, Windows Vista was only on 39% of PCs that shipped in 2007. Statements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by Bill Gates this week show that Windows Vista is proving far less popular with new PC buyers than Windows XP did during its first year in the ... (view more)

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Fewer Businesses Believe Vista is More Secure

A recent survey of more than 250 CIOs, CSOs, IT managers and network administrators across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the U.S. conducted by PatchLink shows that fewer businesses are now planning a migration to Windows Vista than seven months ago. ... More businesses are saying they'll either stick with the Windows thay have, or they'll switch to Linux or Mac OS X. The poll also shows that corporations are afraid of zero-day vulnerabilities. Of the more than 250 businesses polled, 2% said they're already running Windows Vista. 9% said they plan to roll Vista in the next three months. 87% said they ... (view more)

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