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Web-Wide Scan Reveals Shocking Security Weaknesses

In one of the most spectacular research projects ever carried out online, an anonymous security researcher has scanned the entire Internet for security holes. They found that millions of devices have no password protection whatsoever. The project ... was simple in concept: the researcher tried to contact and then access devices by trying every possible IP (Internet Protocol) address using IPv4, a system by which every device connected to the Internet uses 12 digits as identification. This means that IPv4 allows for a maximum of around 4.2 billion IP addresses. The researcher tried to contact ... (view more)

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17 Million Without Antivirus in China; Rates to Increase

A recent study reports that 4.4% of all Internet usage in China is done without antivirus protection. What is more disturbing is that these figures have actually increased when compared to figures from last year. The studies were conducted by the ... Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT). $2.2B In 'Service Fees' To Clean Up Attacks In 2009, Chinese Internet users spent almost 15.3 billion yuan ($2.2 billion) on service fees designed to clean up after cyber attacks. It is also reported that free ... (view more)

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