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Apple Beware: RealNetworks, MTV and Verizon Wireless Create 'Rhapsody America'

In an effort to lure thousands of music fans away from Apple, RealNetworks has teamed with MTV Networks and Verizon Wireless to offer a digital music joint venture expected to rival iTunes, the iPod and even the new iPhone. The three companies plan ... to implement their technological takeover by making the MTV "Urge" music downloading service compatible with RealNetworks Rhapsody streaming software programs. While the merger will be made available to all U.S. customers via their PC music players, Verizon Wireless' VCast multimedia service will also be equipped with the new music system on their ... (view more)

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NBC Forays into Online Video

Marking the network's largest venture into online video, NBC announced last Tuesday that it will offer a free ad-supported video player to web site operators that will feature content from NBC and its partners. The service was created as a joint ... venture between NBC and its affiliates and will be known as the National Broadband Company (NBBC). NBBC will pull together videos from NBC, its local stations, and from other networks for delivery of the online service. The Horror Channel, Forbes, and CNET are some of the content providers that will be providing the service. The ad revenue generated ... (view more)

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