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Movie Collector Review

Synopsis: Are you a self-proclaimed film fanatic? Do you own so many movies that it sometimes takes 30 minutes just to find 'the right' selection? In that case, you need Movie Collector! Movie Collector is an organized, automated movie database ... system that is designed to help you catalog your collection of DVDs, DivX files, VHS tapes, and more! Adding movies to the database is quick and easy -- with virtually no typing necessary! Just enter in the movie title and Movie Collector will automatically download all information from various sources on the Internet (like IMDb and DVD Empire), ... (view more)

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PiXPO Review

I like creating online photo albums. It provides an easy way to share photos with friends and family. Keeping track of who I should notify every time I have new pictures is a little more complicated, however. I personally don't like posting pictures ... to the Web and having them visible to anyone who happens to wander by my site: password protection keeps out unwanted visitors, but it isn't very convenient and you still have to email everyone who needs the password. And let's be honest -- creating a website with password protection isn't easy for the majority of Internet users. So, what other ... (view more)

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Freeware Picture Viewers

On October 2nd, 2003, I asked Infopackets Readers for some Freeware Picture viewers: Missing Picture Viewer for Windows 98? I am happy to say that I received many responses. In fact, a great deal of readers highly recommended a program called ... IrfanView. From the web site: " IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative freeware (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. It is ... simple [enough] for beginners, and [yet] powerful [enough] for professionals ... Some IrfanView features: Many supported file formats, Multi language support, Thumbnail/ ... (view more)

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Infopackets Email Newsletter Format

It's been two weeks since the newsletter format has been changed to include "teaser" feature articles and a link to the rest of the story online. Over the weekend, I received a few disheartening emails with regard to the format change. Gan Soon B. ... in South East Asia writes: " Dear Dennis, I am writing to you to register my concern with the new format of your newsletter. Recently, I noticed that you have switched to a format which require users to go online to view the full contents of the newsletter. I figured that you have a valid concern for using that format, and so I didn't ... (view more)


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