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'Revo Uninstaller', and 'Remote Process Viewer'

Revo Uninstaller Completely remove any unwanted application installed on your computer. With Revo Installer's advanced and fast algorithm to scan before and after the uninstall of an application, you can remove unnecessary files, folders and ... registry keys left over in your computer. Even if you have a broken installation Revo Uninstaller scans for an application's data on your hard disk drives, Windows registry and shows all found files, folders and registry items so you can delete them. Remote Process Viewer Remote Windows Task Manager for your network, this ... (view more)

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'Team Viewer', and 'Anti Keylogger Shield'

Team Viewer Instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls. No installation required, just use it fast and secure. Anti Keylogger Shield Anti Keylogger Shield is a ... powerful, easy to use anti-spy software tool that prohibits operation of any keylogger, either know or unknown, professional or custom made. Once installed, Anti Keylogger Shield will run silently in your System Tray, block the system mechanisms that are exploited by keyloggers, and protect your privacy immediately and constantly. ... (view more)


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