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Smartphones Could Improve Weather Forecasts

Android phones could help make weather forecasts more accurate under a new project. The problem is its hard to see much incentive for people to take part. Although some high-end smartphones have sensors for temperature or air pressures, they aren't ... needed for this project. Instead its all about the signal strength and satellite navigation data. The project, dubbed Camaliot, is the work of the European Space Agency, though it's looking for participants from all over the world as this will make the results more useful. (Source: ) Water Vapor The Key The idea is to collect data ... (view more)

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'XnSketch 1.14', and 'The Weather Channel 4.2.4'

XnSketch 1.14 Get creative with your favorite photographs using XnSketch. This unique tool allows creative users to turn their photos into cartoon or sketch images. Users can access eighteen different effects, including strokes, pastel, pencil ... sketch, and colored sketch. The Weather Channel 4.2.4 Get weather updates instantly on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet computer, or television with The Weather Channel app. This app displays current weather conditions, 5 to 14-day forecasts and trends, and provides users with severe weather alerts. http://www.theweathernetwork. ... (view more)

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