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Internet Applications Are Coming to a Television Set Near You

Intel and Yahoo have once again blurred the boundaries between Internet and television with the recent introduction of web-style applications that can be accessed on a television set. Intel revealed their new "system on a chip" designed to be ... implemented in electronic devices like set-top boxes and digital television receivers. Yahoo will then provide a software platform that will allow small programs or applications (also called "widgets") to run on these devices. Widgets are not a new concept by any means. In the past, Yahoo has provided many software platforms that have allowed developers ... (view more)

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Widgetbox: Widgets For Your Blog

Widgetbox is a new website that is directory of web widgets. Currently in private beta, Widgetbox makes it very easy to add widgets to your blog and also makes it easy to manage them. Widgetbox manages how blogs retrieve the widget, which allows you ... to reconfigure your widget without editing the HTML on your blog (a real bonus). Widgetbox widgets are also future-proof: they have backwards compatibility built into them so that developers can add features and rearrange their service without disrupting existing users of the widget. Currently, the site offers many widgets in the following ... (view more)

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