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How to Fix: Windows 8 Critical Service Failed (Blue Screen)

Infopackets Reader Anne F. writes: " Dear Dennis, After a Windows Update, my laptop rebooted and then displayed a blue screen of death (BSOD) with the error message CRITICAL SERVICE FAILED. After that, the computer reboots and goes into a continuous ... loop -- I am not able to get into Windows at all. I used various repair discs and managed to gotten rid of the CRITICAL SERVICE FAILED message, but now my computer boots into a black screen with the message No Operating System Found. When I use one of the downloaded repair disks, I see my C drive and Windows 8 is still on there, so I don' ... (view more)

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Modify Program Files Path?, Part 2

Recall: Almost all applications (downloaded off the Internet / run from CD) need to be installed onto Windows using a program installer (commonly known as Setup.exe). In most cases, the program setup will attempt to install a program to the base ... folder C:\program files\. Yesterday, I asked Readers if it was possible to change the Windows default program installation folder to something other than C:\program files\. Rodger D. and many other users recommended using TweakUI to perform such a task: " Microsoft's TweakUI program [http link below] is able to change the default program ... (view more)

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