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Windows 7 SP1 Released, but not for Home Users

Microsoft on Monday announced that Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) has been made available to business users. The update package also affects Windows Server 2008 R2, which is structurally similar to Windows 7. A Service Pack is a collection of all ... previous Windows updates and hotfixes, and typically includes enhancements and improvements. Its installation is much more convenient and often safer than installing updates on a patch-by-patch basis. Microsoft Hush-Hush about Windows 7 SP1 Release Date Up until now, Microsoft has kept fairly quiet about its first Windows 7 Service Pack. The company ... (view more)

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Microsoft to Patch Critical Flaw, Still no Excel Fix

Microsoft is currently readying another slew of fixes for Windows operating systems dating all the way back to 2000. Unfortunately, the software giant has still not yet addressed an Excel security hole that raised eyebrows over a week ago. Although ... Microsoft is remaining quiet about the fixes for its upcoming patch, the company has revealed that at least one issue is considered "critical" and two more have been classified as "important." In other words, most business and home users will want to pay attention this coming Tuesday, March 10, when more details regarding the three Security ... (view more)

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Vista Service Pack 1, Server 2008 News

Although most people have been singing Microsoft's praises for the release of much-beloved Halo 3, computer junkies are still hankering for some good 'ol PC love. Not to be overshadowed by the final trilogy in the Halo universe, Microsoft has ... announced a few juicy details on operating system news, the juiciest being beta testing for Vista Service Pack 1. The Redmond-based company recently announced it had released the beta version of the very first Service Pack for Windows Vista to some 12,000 testers. That's a week or two late, considering in August it stated plans to begin testing within a ... (view more)

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Windows Server 2008 Delayed

Please don't be too shocked by this one: Microsoft has again delayed one of its highly anticipated products. This time the unfortunate one is Windows Server 2008, unsurprisingly pushed back until, you guessed it, 2008. At one time, Microsoft had ... planned to release Windows Server 2008 just in time for reindeer and Santa Claus, although recent troubles have left representatives scratching their heads. Now, it seems work on the software could take as long as an additional ninety days, moving the final release well into spring of next year. (Source: ) What is Windows Server 2008 ... (view more)


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