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Customize the Work Menu in MS Word

You can add the CTRL + ALT + - shortcut to your command to your Work menu. Follow the steps below to learn how: Click on Tools | Customize. Click on the Commands tab. Under Categories, on the left, select All Commands. Select ToolsCustomize | ... RemoveRemoveMenuShortcut from the right side. Drag the selection to your Work menu. Even if you have already put documents on your Work menu, you will not see them listed. Release the mouse when you have the command where you would like it. If you would like to shorten the command, you can right-click it and rename it. If you type an ampersand ( ... (view more)

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Adding a Work Menu in MS Word

The Work menu is one of the oldest and most obscure features supported by MS Word. The Work menu is basically a Word specific list of your favorite or most often used documents that remains hidden in the Customize dialog box until you drag it out of ... there and place it on your toolbar. The Work list will hold as many as nine document shortcuts. It is a handy place to store those documents that require regular access. Follow the steps below to put the Work menu in its place on your toolbar: Click on View | Toolbars | Customize. Select the Commands tab. Scroll to the bottom of the Categories ... (view more)

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Access Frequently Used Documents in a Jiffy: MS Word

If you have a few documents that you work on regularly, you can add the "Work Menu" to your Menu Bar. The Work Menu allows you to save a reference to your most frequently used documents for quick retrieval. Launch MS Word. From the Tools menu, ... choose Customize; then, click the Commands tab. From the Categories heading, scroll down and select Built-In Menus. From the Commands heading, drag the Work menu to the Menu bar (next to Help near the very top-right of the screen). Close the Customize dialog box. Load a frequently used document into MS Word. To add the document to your Work ... (view more)

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