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'Zoom Presenter 8.7', and 'Writemonkey'

Zoom Presenter 8.7 This advanced network-enabled presentation tool allows you to project media content across multiple devices. Features include video wall, screen zones, multiple screens, scheduling, tags, linked screens, and remote presentation. ... http://inmatrix.com Writemonkey This program is designed to keep you focused on your writing and editing work. Writemonkey's unique full-screen mode hides everything but the text in front of you. This fast and easy-to-use program supports multiple markup standards. http://writemonkey.com This freeware software program is brought to you by ... (view more)

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'NoScript 2.6.3', and 'Writemonkey 2.4'

NoScript 2.6.3 NoScript is a free utility designed to protect computers running Internet browsers made by Mozilla, including the very popular Firefox browser. It blocks Java and Flash plug-ins executed by all websites unless you have given them ... permission to run. This significantly limits the possibility of your computer becoming infected by malware. http://noscript.net Writemonkey 2.4 Writemonkey is a simplified word processing program for Windows computers. It features a minimalist interface intended to keep you focused on your work, rather than any distractions. Writemonkey is completely ... (view more)

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