Where's Dennis?

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Infopackets Reader John B. writes:

" Dear Infopackets Team,

I have been a subscriber for over three years now and am always excited to see infopackets in my mailbox. I have purchased a number of software programs to support infopackets and have been very satisfied with my choices.

I am writing today to request the whereabouts of Dennis? I miss his 'questions and answers' style articles and also the software reviews. If you could please pass this message onto Dennis, I would very much appreciate it. "

My response:

It's nice to be missed ;-)

Actually, I've been busy "behind the scenes", so to speak, making sure the web site operates as it should.

Since infopackets has switched over to a multi-author platform, there have been many programming changes to the web site and it's kept me quite busy.

Aside from these changes, my job as an editor is to ensure that all authors get a fair turn at publishing through infopackets and to make final edits to articles before releasing them to our audience.

Sometimes editing can be heavy (simplifying terms and meanings doesn't always come easy!); sometimes, editing is light. Nonetheless, I always seem to get my hands into darn near everything that makes its way onto the site. And once articles are published online the site, my job is to coordinate the email newsletter and send it out to our audience.

Did I mention I do this relentlessly 3 times a week, plus answer an onslaught of emails from Readers? ;-)

In short: almost everything you see online the site is somehow or another connected to me, even if my name isn't on the page. And although I was quite active at one point (submitting up to 15 articles in a single week on my own -- every week for months on end), I simply do not have the time to keep up the pace. I will, however, submit articles when my schedule allows.

In closing, I would like to thank the editing team (especially Douglas Godbey, Jim Andrews, and Frank Wood) -- as well as our team of contributors (especially Clif Sipe and Carol Bratt) for their continuing efforts to bring infopackets news to the masses.

Until the next time!

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