Spyware Doctor: a Scam?

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Infopackets Reader Glen H. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am a bit concerned about the kind of marketing engaged in by some of the software developers that you recommend -- PC Tools, for example. 'Get a free scan,' they say. And so you do, and they find 150 problems on your machine. Then they say, 'Buy our software and fix these problems.'

I really think that this is deceptive marketing. If the company wants to give a free scan and clean, I would have no argument with that, but this sort of marketing 'come on' leads one to think that the first scan was a sham -- and it may very well have been. The truth is that most users really have no way of knowing. PC Tools isn't the only software company to do this sort of thing, but even though I do use Registry Mechanic, I am now refusing to use software from such companies that utilize this sort of marketing practice. "

My response:

Well said.

I understand your point, however, nowhere on the Spyware Doctor home page does it claim that doing a free scan will remove Spyware. The point is to have users review and compare the results of Spyware Doctor with their own antiSpyware regimen (or lack of).

In doing so, users will:

a) know what Spyware threats lurk on their PCs

b) compare how well their current antiSpyware product stacks up against Spyware Doctor

c) provide users with a hands-on approach to using Spyware Doctor and to demonstrate the many layers of protection that it offers

d) register Spyware Doctor if they so desire

How to know if a "Free Scan" is a Scam

Unlike many dubious antiSpyware scanners, Spyware Doctor provides a full report at the end of its scan and weighs the severity of each threat. In fact, Spyware Doctor goes to great lengths to explain this with a detailed description for every threat it finds. It even color-codes threats to make it easy to understand.

Unscrupulous antiSpyware software, however, exaggerate non-threatening risks and then prompt you to buy their software -- and many users would agree, that's a scam.

If You're Still in Doubt: Do Research

As I've stated many times in the past: if you're ever in doubt, do a little research on the Internet to see what others are saying about a product. Spyware Doctor, as you can see, passes with flying colors and has been recommended by many reputable sources, including Cnet.com and PC Magazine. This is also the case with Registry Mechanic.

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