Firefox Update Fixes 13 Security Vulnerabilities

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Mozilla recently released a new update of its Firefox Web browser, version

The update is to fix 13 security holes. Mozilla stated that at least five of these vulnerabilities could let attackers install software via the web without the knowledge from the user. Other security fixes included: privilege escalation, file stealing, buffer overflow, and potential memory corruption. (Source:

For those not familiar with the Mozilla name or the Firefox line of web browsers: Firefox is a free, standards-based Web browser with support for multiple platforms, including Windows XP and Mac OS X.

No more Firefox Updates for version 1.0

This update marks the end of the support cycle for an older line of Firefox browser, including any version of Firefox that begins with 1.0.

It is therefore important for users of older Firefox versions to update their browsers as soon as possible (link below). If the security updates alone won't get you to switch, you should know that the newer version of Firefox will automatically apply patches when they are ready. There are also plenty of other features that make it worth your while to upgrade.

Firefox version is available for download here:

You can find out what version of Firefox you're running by clicking Help -> About when Firefox is loaded.

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