Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Under Fire

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As the technological world tries to grasp the meaning of Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), the Redmond-based company is coming under intense scrutiny and outright attacks. WGA, an initiative meant to combat piracy, has been causing problems with the computers that install it -- even those that aren't owned by pirates -- and allegedly acts much like a malware device, sending information back to Microsoft.

Frustration with WGA and its incessant security warnings led to last week's crack by Guillaume Kaddouch, a French-based developer who design and market firewall programs. A security analyst within Kaddouch successfully created a tool that exterminates the pesky WGA, and its availability is becoming more popular everyday. Kaddouch's "RemoveWGA" is designed to do just that -- clear out a "security" device that Microsoft only suggests, but has no system in place to easily remove. (Source:

As if RemoveWGA and the French weren't enough of a problem for Microsoft, an angry user from the LA-area has now sued the company over the technology WGA uses. The suit essentially claims that Microsoft installed illegal spyware-like programs on unsuspecting users. Expectedly, the Los Angeles-based suit it seeking class-action status with the widespread anger over WGA. (Source:

The WGA war likely won't end anytime soon. Recently, Microsoft acknowledged that its much anticipated Vista will have WGA embedded within.

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