Flock: A New Type of Web Browser

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Flock is a free Internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox that is tweaked to let you socialize with the rest of the planet more easily.

Last week, I received an email from Flock asking me to try the newest beta version. I tried it out for awhile and now you'll know what I think of it.

Flock: Setup

After downloading Flock and installing it, I was presented with a wizard that tried to walk me through the setup.

Flock uses several free services that allow it to do some unique things. I had a few problems getting through its Wizard, mainly because I wasn't signed up for all the services Flock uses. Some of the services Flock uses or interfaces with: Flickr, Photobucket, Del.icio.us, Blogger, MySpace, Live Journal, Ebay, and RSS feeds.

Flock: Features

Because Flock is linked in with photo hosting services, bookmarking services, blog services, and RSS feeds, it's really there to keep you connected to your friends and the whole web.

Once it's set up, you can drag and drop pictures into your blogs and post them right from Flock. It's very easy when you get used to it. The RSS news feeds are easy to use and add to, so you can keep track of the news or your favorite blogs from your friends.

Flock: Problems

Flock is beta software and (as I expected) experience a few glitches.

The most serious problem was that Flock would stop working when I was trying to access my Gmail accounts. I personally decided not to continue using Flock because of this single issue (but that doesn't mean it won't work just dandy for you)!

Overall, I still think Flock is very cool.

Here's what the Flock website says about the new Flock beta:

" Welcome to Flock, the safe, Spyware-free web browser that makes it easier to connect with your friends. With Flock it's a snap to upload, comment, and discover new pics. Read all the news you care about, in one place. Blog freely. Get search results as soon as you start typing in the search box, and much more. "


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