Grouping Worksheet: MS Excel

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Grouping in MS Excel refers to selecting several sheets within a workbook and then working with them as a set. When workbook sheets are grouped together, the use can enter data or make changes to several sheets at once.

For example, three worksheets could be created that will each have identical column labels. By grouping the sheets together, the labels would only have to be typed on one of the sheets to have them appear in the same locations on the other grouped sheets.

Grouping sheets can save time when performing common tasks such as:

  • Entering the same data on all grouped workbook sheets.
  • Creating the same formulas on all grouped workbook sheets.
  • Making text or formatting changes to selected cells on all grouped workbook sheets.

A group of sheets can be created in a workbook by simply selecting the desired sheets with the mouse. The title bar is changed to display the word "Group" when more than one sheet is selected.

Follow the steps below to select a group of worksheets:

  1. Click on the tab of the first sheet to be selected.
  2. Press and hold Shift.
  3. Click on the last sheet tab to be included in the group.

To select non-adjacent or non-consecutive sheets, press and hold Ctrl while clicking on the desired sheet tabs.

To select all sheets in a workbook, click on any sheet tab using the alternate mouse button, and then choose Select All Sheets from the shortcut menu.

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