Insert a Picture From a File: MS Word

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If you have a picture of your own, whether it's from a scanner, another clip art collection or from the Web, you can insert it into a document.

Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Choose Insert | Picture | From File.
  2. Navigate using the dialog box until you see the file name. The dialog box resembles the Open dialog box. You may have to change folders or drives to the location where the file is stored.
  3. Click the file name to preview the image and double-click to insert it into your document.

The picture is inserted into the document wherever the insertion point was located. Because the picture is tall, the line spacing increases to hold the image. The size of the file also increases dramatically. If storage space is limited, such as on a floppy disk, you may have to omit some of the pictures.

Note:You can add your own scanned pictures or downloaded images to the Gallery. The clip Gallery has its own Help system and you can learn details there regarding this.

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