CompUSA and Microsoft Announce Vista Small Business Package

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Small businesses desiring an upgrade to Microsoft's newest operating system, Vista, need not worry.

Although it was first rumored that mini corporations would have to wait until the home release of Vista in late January of next year, the Redmond-based company has announced that the operating system will be available on November 30, instead. (source:

Small businesses anxious for the upgrade can thank a joint effort from vendor CompUSA and Microsoft. The special package is part of Microsoft's recognition that half of small businesses shop at retailers for their operating system needs. That means 50% of small businesses would be unnecessarily waiting an additional two months for the important software upgrade.

Included in the exclusive package are both Vista Business and Office 2007 Small Business. The big present -- just in time for Christmas -- is being labeled by Microsoft as "The Small Business Value Program Kit."

Unwrapping the gift on the morning of November 30, small business owners won't find any actual software. Instead, they'll receive an activation code and directions on how to go about downloading the necessary programs from Microsoft's website.

Although the initiative is likely to make many lower-end corporations happy, it may not win Microsoft any friends in the retail industry. The deal appears to be exclusively with CompUSA, leaving many other vendors, including Circuit City and Best Buy, out in the cold.

It remains to be seen whether this will play a role in dampening the atmosphere around the most anticipated release from Mr. Gates' company since the Xbox 360 console. (source:

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