Hot Off The Press: Carol's Tips and Tricks eBook Finally Available!

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Discover how to create stunning letters, effortless spreadsheet reports, dazzling PowerPoint presentations, and much more -- just like the professionals!

Attention MS Office users --

Do you just muddle through and make do with the basic features of MS Word? Do you gawk at the gigantic array of features found in MS Excel? Do you feel powerless when using MS PowerPoint?

Enough already!

If you're like one of the millions of bewildered users around the world aching to unlock the simple secrets behind MS Office, now's your chance to shine!

Announcing Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks eBook

Carol Bratt is a well known and respected A-Plus, MCP and MOS certified professional, and spends each day teaching normal folks -- just like you -- how to use Microsoft Office to its fullest advantage.

Aside from writing online articles for infopackets, Dave's Computer Tips and her own monthly Office newsletter, Carol also specializes in training office professionals in large firms.

And now, after oodles of rigorous research and careful planning, we are simply delighted to announce that Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks eBook is finally available for download!

Why an eBook?

Carol takes great joy in helping others locally and online. She takes even greater joy in receiving fan letters and questions from her readers around the world. Based on the questions she has received over the years, Carol has decided to compile the most sought-after MS Office answers into a single 180 page fact-filled source -- and all for your convenience.

I can't thank you enough for [your article on] mail merge ... It has refreshed my memory and all is great once again. You have saved me a ton of typing. Again, thank you. ~ John H.

I can always count on you to know the answer and explain it clearly and thoroughly. ~ Pat B.

I subscribe to the Infopackets website, to which you contribute. After a few minutes searching, I managed to locate your 'Create a Table of Contents in MS Word: The EASY way,' and [in almost no time at all], I had completed the task ... Many thanks for your help. ~ Bill W.

About the eBook

As if she was right there beside you, Carol's eBook teaches you from the ground up: using oodles of illustrations, easy-to-follow headings -- all placed into tidy, simple to follow steps. Each lesson builds upon the previous and leads into more advanced material. Before you know it, you will be using MS Office like a Pro!

With Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks, you will learn all of the MS Office essentials, including how to:

  • Format documents using indents, tabs, section breaks, and numbering.
  • Create and edit documents using tables, table of contents, and more.
  • Create, draw and manage text using basic or complex tables.
  • Create and use newspaper-style column and formats.
  • Learn how to use multiple reference to the same footnote, and tabs in footnotes.
  • Change image control settings, size, and crop a picture.
  • Insert excel worksheets in ms word, and link excel data as a table in MS Word.

... Plus all the need-to-know basics for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and much, much more!

I look forward to your help columns in, to better learn MS Word. ~ Bob P.

Thanks for [your help in resolving an MS Outlook 2007 problem], I appreciate it. What an awesome opportunity for me to be able to email you. ~ Frankie X.

I googled for advice on table of contents hyperlinks, which took me [to an article written by you], which had your email address at the bottom, so I cheekily emailed you! ... Many thanks for your help! ~ John D.

Special Offer for Infopackets Readers

If you've used the Help Wizard in MS Office before, you know how much of a pain it is to not only search for the correct question, but to find the right steps in resolving your issue.

Why put yourself through all that hassle?

Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks eBook is -- literally -- jam packed full of the most useful information you'll ever want in a single online source, and using it is as simple as 1-2-3. Hands down.

Download Carol's Corner Office Tips and Tricks eBook today for only $29.95, and you too can start learning MS Office THE EASY WAY!

Reminder: 50% of the proceeds from Carol's eBook will be used directly to fund our website. So please make this fine purchase today!

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