Vista Incompatible with SQL Server

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We knew they'd come.

Problems for Vista were sure to stand in the way of a flawless launch, which seems just about impossible considering the massive task accorded Microsoft employees in implementing such a major new piece of software.

The first notable issue is the OS' failure to run the most recent version of SQL Server, a major problem for business who were given the opportunity to use Vista after its launch at the end of November.

Microsoft is scrambling to take care of the matter, although a solution probably couldn't come soon enough for business users. In the works is an upgrade to the SQL Server called SQL Server 2005 Express Service Pack 2. The long-winded program update is, unfortunately, only in beta at the moment. As a result, there's no clear date set for the release of the SQL Server update, meaning businesses who desperately need Vista to be compatible are out of luck... for now. (Source:

Of course, the biggest problem is that Microsoft is already alienating its corporate users before they (or their family and friends) can install the home version. That release isn't until the end of January, but if massive issues like this continue to pop up in Vista, there may not be such demand for the operating system in the New Year.

Businesses looking for database software that actually works may now turn to the competition, in the form of IBM's Oracle. The opportunity is probably the best stocking stuffer Microsoft could ever present its competitors this holiday season. (Source:

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