'Deskloops', and 'Backup Folder Revision'

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A very cool and useful program. With Xilokit Deskloops, all the windows you have open are aligned side by side in a loop-like order. No more countless windows arranged one on top of the other in a confusing manner. Whichever window you need to view can be centered in front of you with a click of a button. The loop can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise simply by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen and using right click. Think of the loop as a dynamic rubber band; with each newly opened window the loop automatically grows. With every closed or minimized window, the loop becomes smaller. Anytime you want to return to the desktop, double click on Deskloops tray icon and the windows will shift aside in one swift motion. Be sure to check out the video tutorial page so you can see what it does before you download it.


Backup Folder Revision

Ever made a mess of a file by saving something you were not meant to, and not being able to undo the disaster you created? This is a tool to easily save incremental revisions of files.


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