It's Going to be an Interesting Year

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Is Microsoft getting the message?

For those of you that haven't heard, there is an annual event known as CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. CES is the place where every electronics geek in the world would love to be because everything new in the world of electronics for the year is showcased.

Typical items found at CES includes computers, coffee pots, TV's, tooth brushes (yes, even those), the latest gadgets, toys, software, and more.

This year, CES 2007 invited Bill Gates to be the Keynote speaker. He addressed a crowd of about 15,000 attendees and got the shock of his life. He, of course, spoke of Vista and the wonderful things people could do and expect in the near future.

The response he got caused him to leave the podium before he finished his speech. Or, perhaps I should say, the lack of response. It was reported by InformationWeek Magazine, that he seemed upset and shaken when the audience wasn't more enthusiastic about Vista.

When Microsoft took their Road Show home, they stopped off in San Francisco for another speech, this time talking about Apple's planed release of the iPhone. Bill addressed 75,000 people in the MGM Grand parking lot. During the speech, Microsoft staffers went through the crowd, passing out free Zune personal entertainment devices, most of which were found left behind by the crowd. Needless to say, Microsoft got the message!

Epson in the Ink Wars

On an unrelated note, Epson recently won a series of Patent Infringement suits against 3rd party ink cartridge suppliers. As a direct result, several additional suppliers have settled out of court. The end result being you soon will have to buy Genuine Epson ink jet cartridges for Epson printers. The action has been extended beyond US borders by order of the ITC (International Trade Commission) which means that overseas suppliers are being targeted.

How will that affect us? If Epson is successful in their campaign, other ink jet printer manufacturers will start doing the same. If that happens, you will be buying cartridges that will be sure to work in your printer without risk of damage, but expect higher prices at the counter.

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