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When you have completed a big project, it's a good idea to record the purpose and audience for the document. You could type it right in the document, but then you would have to remember to delete it before printing it. Instead you can record it in the document properties.

Properties track the document statistics, including the date and time it was modified, the number of words it contains, and who created it. You can also record comments for your own use. When you record comments and keywords, you can use these to find the document later.

You can insert keywords and comments into your document properties using the steps below:

  1. Choose File | Properties and click the Summary tab. This reveals the dialog box.
  2. Type a keyword and category for the document. Type a comment to help you remember the audience and purpose of the report.
  3. View the other properties shown on the other tabs, if you want.
  4. Click OK when you are finished.

When you change to Properties view in the Open dialog box, you can see the category, keywords, and comments along with the other document statistics.

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