Google Apps No Longer Free

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Google will be taking its applications in a new direction soon: the company will begin charging business for the use of its set of apps, known as "Google Apps for Your Domain."

The package includes G-mail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Page Creator, a start page, and will soon include Google Doc's word processing and spreadsheet applications.

Google has said that they have been flooded with requests from business wanting to use these services -- and it hasn't just been small companies itching for Google Apps. Disney, Pixar, and the University of Arizona have also shown interest in setting up multiple Google accounts. (Source:

When Google launched the beta version of Google Apps for Your Domain last August, the service was available to businesses free of charge. However, when the service goes live in coming weeks, Google will be charging a subscription fee. Although Google has not yet revealed an exact price for the package, they foresee charges to be "a few dollars per person per month." (Source:

Typically, when a company begins charging for a previously free service, reactions are not always pleasant. However, many are noting the advantages of Google pursuing this direction. Charging for services means that customers will be able to receive support when they come across an error or require assistance. Further, many are just plain sick of seeing advertisements constantly adorning their computer screens. (Source:

Google has squashed claims that it is out to take enterprise business away from market leaders such as Microsoft. Google's Dave Girouard, Vice President of Google's Enterprise Group, vows "we're not looking to make it us versus them. We're giving people choices." However, many are predicting that Google's solid growth in this department could lead to an inevitable clash of the titans. (Source:

Although the widespread acceptance of Google Apps for Your Domain has yet to be seen, charging for the service and moving into the enterprise arena may graduate Google into a whole new league.

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