Macintosh commercial spoof video file, Part 2

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Recall --

Last week, Bryan M. submitted a spoof video file about Macintosh computers:

" I came across a very humorous video file about the experiences of using a Macintosh computer. The video is a spoof on those Macintosh commercials which were aired on TV a little while back. A typical scenario features big corporate executives who are frustrated by using a Windows PC at their workplace. "

Macintosh commercial spoof video file

Since then, numerous Readers have asked where they could download video (using_a_mac.wmv) in a in a different file format so that their Mac friends could watch it on their Macintosh computers.

Infopackets Reader Robert Y. writes:

" Dear Dennis, I loved [that video file which features a spoof on those Macintosh commercials]. Not surprising, my Mac friends are just dying to see it. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate the origin or creator (Hunter Cresson?) nor could I find a version that can run on a Mac. Any ideas? "

My Response:

I also tried to find the author's name in Google, but did not know how to spell his last name. The only version of this video I could find was in .WMV (Windows Media Video) version 9 format.

The .WMV format is a Copyright of Microsoft Corporation and and cannot be decoded (in order to be re-encoded in .MPEG format) by any program that I am aware of... but that doesn't mean that there isn't another format of using_a_mac.wmv floating around somewhere on the 'net -- and with a different file name.

After sending this response to Robert, he replied once more:

" Dennis, thanks for a quick reply. This morning I re-dedicated myself and after an hour of Googling and found a .MPEG version (at a whopping 47 megabytes in size!) hosted by a web site in Germany. The video runs on my iMac (233 MHz G3 w/ OS9.2), [and is much clearer than the original .WMP version which was hosted online your web site]. [I was shocked to find that] the file on this web site is called "bitch.mpg" [don't ask me why]. The end of the video directs the viewer [to a web site called] 'Happy Nowhere', which happens to be a sketch comedy group in Birmingham, AL. "

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