Track emails received by recipient?

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Infopackets Reader Brian 'BigJohn2' writes:

" A year ago (maybe longer), I downloaded a freeware program from the web that allowed me to know when my emails were received by the recipient.

I have since run into some complications with my computer system, had to reformat my entire hard drive, and wasn't able to save any of my downloaded utility programs. The real bummer is that I've completely forgotten the name of this tracking program and am unable to reference it on the web. Are you aware of such a program? "

My response:

After fumbling through Google for an answer, I came across a product called "Message Tag", otherwise known as "MsgTag".

I don't have the exact specifications on how MsgTag is able to track messages, but I believe it is done by inserting a harmless (and invisible) graphic file into outgoing emails. The reference to the invisible graphic file then points to a remote web server; when a recipient reads your email, the graphic file is referenced and logged. Subsequently, you are notified when your email has been opened.

There are three flavors of MsgTag: Free, Plus, and Status.

The freeware version "adds a small MsgTag footer to the end of each tagged email -- so that your friends can know about MsgTag as well. Other than that, there's no catch. It won't stop working after 30 days, nor infect your computer with a mass of Spyware." (Source:

The payware versions of MsgTag offer unique features not found in the free version, including personalized (or complete removal of) message footers, plus unlimited email tech support. MsgTag: Status boasts a number of methods used to track and report the status of sent emails (sounds very interesting). Details on all 3 products can be found on the MsgTag web site.

In-depth review of MsgTag?

MsgTag definitely seems like a useful program. I would be particularly interested in reviewing the MsgTag: Status version and have contacted the author for a complimentary copy. I will keep everyone informed. For now, you can download the Freeware version of MsgTag here:

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