Narration in your MS PowerPoint Presentation

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Sometimes, even though you have beautiful graphics in your PowerPoint presentation, a voice explaining a principle can be so much better. People learn in different ways. Some folks are more visual than others and some learn better by hearing someone explain something to them and others learn best by seeing AND hearing.

If you can record it, you can include it in your presentation. To record a single message or unique sound, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Insert | Record Sound.   In version 2007, you can find this option in the Sound options drop-down list, found in the Media Clips group on the Insert tab.  
  • In the resulting Record Sound dialog box, enter a description and a name.  
  • Click Record when you are ready to begin.  
  • Click Stop when you are finished.  
  • Use Play to listen to the new recording.  
  • Click OK to save the sound with your presentation.  
  • OR 
  • Click Cancel to exit and try again.

If you save a sound, it appears as an icon, which you can use anywhere in your presentation.

You can mix this capability with action settings for a unique effect. Just make sure that you do don't over-do it and ruin your presentation!

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