Document text does not align when pasted into email?

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Infopackets Reader Eileen B. writes:

" I have a resume saved in My Documents ... I am trying to apply for a virtual secretary job, and they want me to send the resume through e-mail, with no attachments. The problem is that when I try to [copy and paste my document into my email Window, the layout gets jumbled up] ... and believe me it doesn't look professional! Any ideas? "

My response:

Quite often, many users make the mistake of formatting a document with the Space Bar instead of using the Tab key to align text. When the document is copied and pasted into another window (as in Eileen's case), the layout may become distorted because the word processor font is not the same as the one used in the email program.

On the other hand, if tabs were used to align the text: ensure that only default tab sizes are used to format the document. Custom tab sizes are specific to Word Processor programs and will not "carry over" when pasted into another window.

In either case, the solution is to reformat the document using default tab sizes -- and remember to stay away from using the Space bar to align text!

Side note: After sending my response to Eileen, she wrote back and reported that her problem was resolved after reformatting her resume using default tab sizes.

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