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After announcing that our main server needs upgrading, quite a few Infopackets Readers emailed me over the weekend and asked if there were other ways they could help out financially. Infopackets Reader Anne C. writes:

" Hi Dennis!

I just wanted to let you know that I've replied to your request to donate in order to help keep your website maintained [and protected against hackers]. A suggestion: perhaps you should charge an annual fee like some websites do? I certainly wouldn't have a problem donating $10-15 dollars a year to keep you up and running. PS: Keep up the good work. "

My response:

Thanks for writing in, and I appreciate your generosity very much.

To answer your question: the suggestion of charging an annual fee for our newsletter was thought of in the past. However, a decision was made not to go this route after a handful of users complained that they 'simply could not afford' a nominal expense and would quickly jump ship if a fee system was put in place.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a wide spread notion floating around that "everything on the Internet is free", when in fact, the opposite is true. The cost to rent our dedicated servers (each month) is now pushing the $300 mark ever since I put in an order for the main server software license upgrade. Having said that, Infopackets Reader Henry K. asked if it was possible to donate cash or check to help support our web site:

" Just a short note to let you know that I would like very much to purchase your eBooks and videos to help support your web site. But since I deal only with cash or check, it leaves me no option to contribute and help keep infopackets going. Any suggestions? PS: I truly enjoy reading the various articles you write. "

My response:

Thank you for the kind words. Actually, you can send a check for my eBooks / videos through the order system online our site. Just click the "send a check" option at the bottom of the screen and your order number will be retrieved from our database when the check is received. The order form is here.

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