HP Ready to Introduce Longer Lasting Battery for Notebooks

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Tired of your laptop battery dying out, or worried that it might actually pose a fire threat? Notebook batteries are notoriously fickle pieces of machinery, and their unpredictable nature can threaten one's work and even his or her health.

Boston-Power Inc, makers of "green battery power" plan to redefine how laptop owners feel about the batteries powering their computers. Dedicated to producing safe and long-lasting lithium ion batteries, Boston-Power has announced that it intends to release a new battery boasting ultra-endurance -- performance that appears brand-spanking-new even three years after their first purchase/installation.

The idea alone is proving a magnet for investment. Boston-Power, led by founder Christina Lampe-Onnerud, has garnered $68 million in investment capital in the last three years as it continues to research the development of better batteries. "This is the first invention the team worked on and basically it is able to charge and recharge 1,000 times compared to 150 to 250 times for traditional batteries, under normal conditions," Lampe-Onnerud proudly remarked. (Source: technewsworld.com)

However, all of those good intentions would seem rather useless were it not for a big industry backer. That has finally come, now that Hewlett-Packard has announced that it will offer Boston-Power brand batteries, specifically its 'Sonata' line, in future PCs as an upgrade option. New models with the Boston-Power technology can be expected to hit the market by next year.

HP's adoption of the technology is just one part of its expanding Enviro Series program. The Sonata batteries are capable of charging to full power in just thirty minutes, deliver longer-than-usual powering times, and offer nearly double the average notebook's power output. Not only are both HP and Boston-Power pretty sure that these new batteries will last "like new" for three years, but HP even estimates that its EliteBook laptop could run for as long as 24 straight hours on the Sonata battery. (Source: dailytech.com)

For those of you who have already purchased HP computers, don't fret. Sonata batteries are compatible with HP's pre-existing battery slot, meaning an upgrade is very hassle-free.

As an owner of an HP laptop with, how can I put this, 'atrocious' battery power, word that an upgrade will be available is long overdue.

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