'Tweak Xplorer', and 'Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2'

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Tweak Xplorer

TweakXPlorer is a program that allows you to enhance the look of Windows Explorer. Some of TweakXPlorer's key features include the ability to give your folders an eye catching background, design thumbnails, and more!


Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2

Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2 provides a set of tools for photographers hoping to perform various exciting tasks with their images, including RAW captures. The current version enables you to quickly "geotag" your photos, view and edit metadata, and more, leveraging the power of Windows and Microsoft Live Local. What's new for Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2? Support for reading and writing metadata to/from XMP side cars so that metadata will interoperate with Adobe products. This is in addition to reading and writing from the file. Users can convert from RAW to JPEG, TIFF, and HD Photo using "As Shot" settings. This includes the ability to resize the image.


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