Win7 Selling Well, but Challenges Lie Ahead

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As Microsoft nears the fall release date of its next operating system Windows 7, anticipation continues to mount. However, insiders warn that there are steep challenges ahead for an OS many hope will wipe the bitter memories of Windows Vista away for good.

According to reports, pre-release sales of Windows 7 are, thus far, quite strong. The new operating system, which will be available after October 22, has been made available for reservation via online super-retailer, which is selling the upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium for just $49, less than half the suggested retail price. The Windows 7 Professional upgrade is also a good deal, retailing for about $99 -- that's about half the recommended price, too.

As a result, sales are pretty impressive. No one's yet stating just how good, but some have suggested consumers are hitting Amazon "in droves." (Source:

Not Out of the Woods, Yet

However, no one has assumed just yet that this means several years of smooth sailing for Microsoft. For one, Google is launching its own serious attack with Android, a Linux-based operating system the search company promises will be more useable than other ventures of its kind. Netbook titan Acer has already committed to Android for its future tiny PCs. (Source:

And in case you haven't noticed, netbooks are seriously hot items right now.

Also threatening is the European Union's watchful eye, which is constantly wary of anything antitrust when it comes to Windows. Already Microsoft has admitted it will separate web browser Internet Explorer from Windows 7, and there could be further splits before October.

Months before its final release Windows 7 is a popular item, sure -- but will it reaffirm Microsoft's place atop the techno-ladder? It could be a long time before we find out.

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