Win7 Doomed, Says ScriptLogic Survey

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Just a day after analysts predicted a dominant future for Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system (due this October), a new report suggests that up to 60 per cent of all companies might be hesitant to make the upgrade from Windows Vista and XP.

The IDC Win7 forecast discussed yesterday painted a pretty picture indeed for Microsoft, suggesting that 75 per cent of all corporations would ditch XP and Vista for Windows 7 by 2011, just two years after its release. Given that most business users are XP users, that's good news for Microsoft.

ScriptLogic Paints Different Picture

However, another group of analysts, ScriptLogic, doesn't share the same opinion.

In fact, in their survey ScriptLogic found that just 60 per cent of corporations would make the shift within the opening period of Win7's availability. Another 34 per cent said they'd eventually move over to Windows 7 by the end of next year, but even that number is in doubt. (Source:

Given that Windows Vista is considered by most businesses to have been Microsoft's great 'Vistake,' it means that the decade-old Windows XP is most likely to be large and in charge even two years after Win7's release.

Who to Trust?

And so, 24 hours after a report suggested that Windows 7 would completely dominate the operating system market of businesses, many insiders have jumped back on the nay-sayer bandwagon.

TG Daily blogger Wolfgang Gruener recently speculated that the ScriptLogic report, in conjunction with news that Microsoft Office 2010 will be free in an attempt to rival Google's online doc popularity, is evidence that Microsoft is on shaky, unknown ground. Gruener believes this could mark the beginning of a devastatingly difficult period for the Redmond-based firm, which desperately needs a strong showing after the misery that was Vista in 2007. (Source:

Good reports, bad reports, they all add up to one conclusion: the world will be watching as we approach October 22.

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