Microsoft Rewards Those Who Host a Win7 Launch Party

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While many tech insiders anxiously anticipate the release of Windows 7, throwing a party in honor of the new operating system might seem a tad ridiculous to some. However, Microsoft feels that their latest OS offering should be cause for celebration, announcing that it might be willing to help those who want to throw a little party come October 22.

In an effort to generate even more interest in the product, Microsoft has teamed with House Party to reach out to the average end-user. House Party is a community-based site that helps people around the world host parties. The news of a Windows 7 theme is not so strange to House Party, since most of their work includes corporate events and product launches. (Source:

Win7: Party For 7 Days Straight

While Microsoft is not releasing Windows 7 until October 22, those interested in hosting a launch party need not worry about making themselves available on that particular date. Microsoft plans to keep the celebration going for one full week, meaning that people have the option to "get their party started" anytime between October 22 and October 29.

Of course, deciding to host a Windows 7 launch party is only half the battle. Microsoft also requires a completed online application for future consideration. Microsoft will then choose a select number of applicants to participate in the promotional campaign.

Party 'Favors' Worth the Hassle of Applying

If selected, party hosts will receive a Signature Edition of Windows 7 Ultimate and a Windows 7 Party Pack based on a theme of their choosing.

Theme choices for the party packs pertain to the features of the new operating system. These include: PhotoPalooza, Media Mania, Setting up with Ease and Family Friendly Fun. (Source:

Those who host a launch party are also given the chance to win a PC worth an estimated $750 USD. Winners will be notified after October 30.

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