Print web pages in black and white (not color)?

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Infopackets Reader Jean T. asks, " How can I change the print color when printing a web page? Some web sites use color and I would like to print in black because black ink is cheaper to maintain. "

My response:

Defining the print color or print mode is usually done at the time of printing the page. Each "print option" window is different for every user because it is the print driver which defines the options available to you at the time of printing a page. And, it is the printer manufacturer that defines how the print driver operates.

The next time you go to print a page, look at the Print Page window for an option to print only in black. This option may only be available to you through an "advanced" options button, or on another tab in the Print Page window. You may also need to adjust color settings on the printer itself (flip up the printer panel where the ink goes, there may be instructions there). And if all else fails refer to your printer manual.

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