5 Reasons Why Win7 Should be a Success

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Windows Vista was perhaps the biggest disappointment in Microsoft's history. So, what did the Redmond-based company do to improve upon their past mistakes, and how is Windows 7 better than Windows Vista?

Windows 7: Improving Upon The Past

After the embarrassing Windows Vista debacle, Microsoft and the computer makers realized that they needed to work together to make some necessary changes. Windows 7 therefore improves upon the fundamental changes that came with Vista, making it faster, easier to use and more intuitive. (Source: cnet.com)

Close Ties with PC Developers

In breaking with past traditions, Windows development chief Steven Sinofsky met with PC makers to plan the development of Windows 7.

In the past, Microsoft developed Windows in secret and would then "throw it over the wall" to PC makers expected to turn the operating system into a financial success. (Source: cnet.com)

With the development of Windows 7, Microsoft shared its plans from the start, held regular meetings with PC makers, and sought their input. Microsoft also worked with the biggest PC makers to ensure that they could work through design issues.

Windows 7 Starter

Among the changes that resulted from the input of PC makers was Microsoft's about-face in regard to Windows 7 Starter, the entry level operating system aimed at netbooks.

Microsoft originally wanted to limit Windows 7 Starter to three open applications at a time. PC makers felt that the restriction could cause consumers to stick with Windows XP. Microsoft relented and Windows 7 Starter can run as many open applications as their netbook will allow, though Microsoft did maintain other limitations.

Windows XP Mode

XP Mode is another feature that resulted from pressure placed on Microsoft by PC makers. Higher end versions of Windows 7 can run XP Mode -- a feature that gives users the option of running older applications that aren't compatible with Windows -- a free, virtualized copy of Windows XP.

Removal of Preinstalled 'Crapware'

Microsoft too had suggestions. The Redmond-based firm had harsh messages for PC makers about the preinstalled "crapware". Manufacturers of software that bogged systems down were told to fix it or to leave it off new PCs entirely.

In many cases, the result is that Windows 7 can boot up more quickly and go in and out of sleep in a matter of seconds. Consumers should also notice that their new systems will be a lot less cluttered when they boot them up the first time. (Source: cnet.com)

So far, Windows 7 has been well received by testers and reviewers. Although it's a bit too early to tell, some might say that Microsoft learned well from their Windows Vista debacle. The refinement just might be what the PC industry needs to overcome a devastating recession.

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