Password protect Files and Folders?, Part 2

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Roughly two weeks ago, I wrote an article that featured a nifty utility that Password Protects Files and Folders. The program is particularly useful if you share your computer with others and don't want them accessing sensitive data. Recall --

" ... People are going to be curious and want to look at your files, and there's not much you can do (as far as protection) with the current Windows security if you haven't logged out. Folder Password Expert does exactly what the title implies. It's as easy as choosing a folder to protect and creating a password! ... As opposed to other software, Folder Password Expert will not allow access to the locked folders in Windows Safe mode or DOS mode ... " (Source:

What really impressed me about Folder Password Expert (when I wrote the review) was the fact that I couldn't get passed its protection scheme when attempting to gain access to a locked folder, even after applying 6 different 'backdoor' approaches.

RE: FPE Promo Deadline

The folks at Folder Password Expert (FPE) informed me yesterday that the discount for FPE would end on December 7th. I didn't realize that this was a time-sensitive promotion, as some software vendors let me keep discounts active in our newsletter for an indefinite period.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass on the word in case anyone wants to jump on this offer before it expires. The program is truly excellent -- and at nearly 40% off, it's a super bargain.

In case you missed it: you can read an in-depth review on Folder Password Expert online our site. The review also includes a link to download the program so you can try it out on your machine. I guarantee you'll be as equally impressed as I was!

Password protect Files and Folders?

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